Place making and brand identity for Petticoat Lane Market

Graphic installation to brand and create a visual identity for Petticoat Lane Market.

A painted groundwork measuring 48 square metres is installed at the end of Middlesex Street, East London and nine oversized planters define the pedestrian zones.

The brightly coloured graphic patterns applied to the planters and painted to the floor are a nod to the fashion and textiles that the market is known for.

There is no actual Petticoat Lane address itself, however ‘Petticoat Lane Market’ is a real destination and one of the oldest street markets in London open 6 days a week at Middlesex Street and Wentworth Street.

Large stencils were prepared in our workshop to create the painted patchwork patterns applied by hand to the tarmac surface. Specialist equipment is used to apply heavy-duty hard-wearing paint.

The 9 huge planters create a designated pedestrian zone. Local cafes and other small business owners will benefit from the car-free area. The seating area created at the end of Middlesex Street will attract and welcome visitors who can safely socially distance.

Fabrication and Installation: Standard8
Concept & Design/ Richard Wolfströme
Client/ City of London Corporation, Department of the Built Environment

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